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Commercial Mortgage Interest Rates

Commercial mortgage finance becoming more accesible


With some new entrants into the UK commercial mortgage market it seems, at least for now, that commercial mortgage finance is becoming more accessible.

Commercial property investment: The importance of leases


Commercial property investment is going through something of a recovery currently. Many investors have changed their position on buying commercial.

Commercial mortgage rates

As an independent commercial mortgage provider we offer you the best commercial mortgage rates within 24 hours through our simple application process. Options available include:


> Fixed rate commercial mortgage interest rates offer you

comfort in knowing your monthly payments will not go up during the fixed rate period. The lenders fees, interest rates and exit charges tend to be higher than a tracker rate commercial mortgage, whilst they rarely allow payment holidays or overpayment flexibility.

> Tracker commercial mortgage interest rates may be linked

to either the Bank of England Base Rate or the money markets LIBOR rates. The lenders fees and interest rates will tend to be lower than a fixed rate commercial mortgage, whilst it can allow payment holidays, overpayment flexibility and lower exit charges.

> Offset commercial mortgage interest rates are available

on some tracker rate commercial mortgages should you have access to the funds to take advantage of the interest rate and tax benefits an offset commercial mortgage offers.

> Repayment type is also an important part of choosing which

commercial mortgage to take. Some commercial lenders offer only capital repayment mortgages, whilst other lenders will allow an intial 2 or 3 years of interest only and some allow interest only for the full mortgage term.


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